Add-On Services

auto detailing clean inside rims

Add-on items are a great way to customize any of our packages to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have.

Add-On ServiceCharge
Clean Inside Rims$10.00
Clean a Door Panel (per)$10.00
Clean Truck Bed*$20.00
Clean Leather Seats*$30.00
Clean Headliner*$30.00
Clean Engine$50.00
Shampoo Carpets*$40.00
Shampoo Seat (per)$20.00
Shampoo Floormat (per)$6.00
Shampoo a Spot (per)$10.00
Quick Wipe Seats*$10.00
Leather Oil Seats*$20.00
Condition Dash$10.00
Condition Door Panel (per)$5.00
Silicone Exterior Rubber*$20.00
Rain X Protectant$10.00
Fabric Sealer$20.00
Buff Out Scratch*$50.00
Excessive Mud*$25.00
Bio-Odor Removal*$20.00
Vacuum Trunk$5.00
Steering Wheel & Shifter Cleaning$20.00
Headlamp Restoration$100.00

* Items may have additional charges associated when a larger vehicle is linked with the service, or service requires extra time to provide quality work. Please feel free to ask an attendant. See our vehicle upcharges page for details.