Upgrade to a Membership

Convert Your One-Time Wash into Unlimited Hand Washes for Your Vehicle

Purchase any of our wash packages and you may convert that wash into our “unlimited” wash program.

You pick which service you want going forward.

After purchasing a wash package you get the rest of the month FREE.

We begin charging your card on the 1st of the next month ongoing, until you cancel. (Just let us know 5 days in advance).

  1. After purchasing any of our wash packages, complete the member form at our front desk.
  2. Load our app onto your Mobile Device (iPhone and Android currently supported). Come in for the rest of the month free of charge.
  3. At the beginning of each month your card will be automatically charged and you will be renewed as an unlimited wash member.

New! We can now enroll your vehicle(s) in our monthly membership program to keep your car, van, or SUV looking sharp. Click the link below to enroll in the program.
  • Each vehicle is its own membership.
  • Pricing is based on an “A”, “B”,”B” price format (first car A, second car B, third car B).
  • “Wash” price is same as “drive up” price, “Membership” pricing is listed under memberships.
  • Wash price due on day of signing up membership, get the rest of the month FREE.
  • Membership price will start on the 1st of the next month recurring each month after that.
  • 1st month “Membership” (on the next month) must be paid, may cancel anytime afterward.
  • S.U.V.’s, Trucks, Minivans and Crossovers have a “Larger Vehicle Upcharge” that will apply.
  • All “Memberships” must be added via the client “Strive Wash Client” app.
  • Contract must be signed via “Strive Wash Client” app to join.
  • “Membership” vehicles must be “Canceled” via “Strive Wash Client” app before beginning of next month in order to not be charged.
  • Weather conditions will effect when stores open or close.
  • Normal wash times are 30-90 min. (wash times are estimated)
  • Mammoth Detail Salons also offer “Detail” packages which take anywhere from 4-10 hours. Wash package memberships are NOT Detail Packages.
  • Scheduling “Detail” packages can be made through “Strive Wash Client” app
  • Membership “Wash” packages can NOT be scheduled.

Pampering your car with a luxury bath is our specialty!

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