What’s the True Cost of an Automatic Car Wash in Norcross?

What’s the True Cost of an Automatic Car Wash in Norcross?


The Damage is Done

The machinery of an automatic car wash does remove the road grime and dirt from your vehicle, but it also drags the crud from previous cars across your cars finish. The crud is trapped in the brushes and very infrequently removed (at least, not frequently enough for us!). Imagine if you’re the one-hundredth customer at the car wash today? How much road “history” is being scraped and scratched across your car’s finish?

The damage is sometimes difficult to detect, but is multiplied each and every time you use such a service. Sometimes, it’s not all that difficult to detect.

Not to mention the damage a high-pressure water spray inflicts on your beloved vehicle. No, that’s just not right. With the trend in all things today of replacing humans with machinery, that simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to your baby.

Then, what’s the answer? If you’ve spent a bunch of dough on buying that elegant piece of automotive beauty, why not spend just a little more and pamper your baby? And not destroy the finish? Just sayin’.

The Soft Cloth Hand Wash

That’s where our Soft Cloth Hand Wash comes in.

The Corners Auto Spa employs auto beauty technicians in our Norcross Georgia car wash facility to lovingly lather and rinse your car, free of any dirt or grime from previous visitors. Our techs use fresh cloths with a gentle, professional surface cleanser and just the right amount of water and pressure. It really is a Beauty Treatment for Your Car.

There is nothing like the touch of the human hand. No brushes, no crud, no damage to your wheels or undercarriage. A gentle soft cloth hand wash. It’s beautiful in all its simplicity. And the best part is, your car will love you for it. At least, the finish will.

But Wait, There’s More

Well, there is one drawback. You have to actually get out of your car, and your kids don’t get to watch all the funny brushes and water from the inside of the car as you’re dragged through the tunnel. And there’s never the possibility they’ll open a window during the wash (‘cause they’re NOT in the car!). If you want to take your kids on thrill rides, we recommend Six Flags. If you want to get them wet, visit Hurricane Harbor.

Instead, you get to saunter inside and rest your posterior on a comfortable seat in our cool waiting area. Have a cup o’ joe or a refreshing cold drink. Watch a little cable television on our big HD flat screen. Surf the ‘net on your iPad with our free WiFi. Enjoy the air conditioning. It’s tough, but we know you can do it.

And when you’re through enduring that ordeal, you walk back out to your car and drive away, knowing full well that the money you’ve invested in your beloved vehicle is safe. The finish isn’t scratched, it’s been babied. No damage, just hands gently caressing and caring for your special vehicle.

All is right in the world.

Welcome to The Corners Auto Spa. Go ahead… spoil your vehicle.